Posted by: Naomi | January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!! Praise God we get to see the year 2010. More time to show the love of Jesus, still I feel like the time is so short. I pray this year my relationship will be depended more then it ever has before. That I can stay obedient, and seek His guidance with everything. I don’t want this year to be like any other year!

I want to win souls to know you Jesus. Not for my glory but for Yours! They should know who you really are, and that there is no time to waste not knowing You. Jesus you give salvation and its simply believing in You. The true You! The God of love who pours Grace on us every day, not because were perfect but because you love us. We can do nothing to earn our salvation, if it was for our good works there would be not point in Jesus coming to die for our sins. In John 14:7 Jesus says “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

As I was going through Ecclesiastes chapter 12 has been heavy on my heart. Its the chapter for this year and years to come. So listen up, this is what I want to leave you with, starting with verse 4. Remember him before the door to life’s opportunities is closed and the sound of work fades. Now you rise at the first chirping of the birds, but then all their sounds will grow faint.

Remember him before you become fearful of falling and worry about danger in the streets; before your hair turns white like an almond tree in bloom, and you drag along without energy like a dying grasshopper, and the cape-berry no longer inspires sexual desire. Remember him before you near the grave, your everlasting home, when the mourners will weep at your funeral.

Yes, remember your Creator now while you are young, before the silver cord of life snaps and the golden bowl is broken. Don’t wait until the water jar is smashed at the spring and the pulley is broken at the well. For then the dust will return to the earth, and the spirit will return to God who gave it. 

“Everything is meaningless,” says the Teacher, “completely meaningless.”

Keep this in mind: The Teacher was considered wise, and he taught the people everything he knew. He listened carefully to many proverbs, studying and classifying them. The Teacher sought to find just the right words to express truths clearly. 

The words of the wise are like cattle prods-painful but helpful. Their collected sayings are like nail-studded stick with which a shepherd drives the sheep. 

But my child, let me give you some further advice: Be careful, for writing books is endless, and much study wears you out. 

Thats the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyones duty. God will judge us for everything we do, including every secret thing. Whether good or bad.

Posted by: Naomi | January 2, 2010


Majority of the time it didn’t even seem like Christmas. We decorated the cafe with Christmas lights, and snow flakes, we even had a Christmas delilah which is a blended coffee with candy-cane. These things somewhat gave the illusion it was Christmas, but it just wasn’t the same. The same of what I expect Christmas to be, I guess the things that Im use to. Such as snow, strong smells of cinnamon, sledding, snowmen, wearing hats, gloves, and scarves, but most important familiar faces. I missed my family more then I have ever missed them. These last couple of years I  haven’t been around for Christmas much. Im so glad I called them, it was such a blessing to be able to hear everyones voice.

Even though things were different I enjoyed it so much! Christmas is celebrating Jesus birth, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate. Matter of fact I can’t wait to bring some Belizean traditions to Utah! Christmas eve we jumped around house to house singing Christmas songs, eating tamales, dancing punta, and hugging everyone. As soon as we were done doing that we went back to Fredricks house, and Becky added some of her Christmas traditions. She read Twas the night before Christmas, and then followed it with the real Christmas story from the bible. During this the background was filled with laughter and joy as people set off fireworks. Becky ended at exactly twelve oclock perfect timing! We all stood up and gave each other a hug and wished one another a Merry Christmas, along with standing on the balcony wishing every person that went by a Merry Christmas too. I love how in belize the people are very family oriented, people oriented, they really take the time to enjoy your presence. 

Christmas day they usually go to everyones house to hangout and eat. This year Fredricks family decided to stay home and cook a big dinner. We had turkey, ham, rice and beans, stuffing, potato salad, broccoli salad, and rich chocolate cake. It was amazing! We got there early in the morning so that we could help cook, also just to hang around and say Hi to everyone that stopped by. Later in the evening they opened couple of presents, which there not that big on here, and then ended the night with a movie, homemade eggnog, and Christmas bark. 

Even though in the beginning it didn’t seem like Christmas it ended up being one of the best Christmases I have had. I learned the true meaning , and thats to Praise Jesus, love like Him, and enjoy the presence of everyone He has put in your path. Every string is woven for a purpose not by coincidence.

Posted by: Naomi | November 22, 2009

The Update…

Its been a while since I have wrote one of these not because I dont like to, its just my schedule can be really chaotic sometimes. The internet doesnt help much either most of the time, this whole last week it has been down.  Something about dowloading to much which results to being fraped,  Im not sure its kinda confusing!

So lets see if I can update you, Im not very well at explaining so bare with me.  I want to start off by telling everyone how much Im learning. Everyday its something new weather it be through something Im struggling with, my classes, or something someone else is going through. Things I have never struggled with are accuring, like being around the same people 27/7. Im a people person and perfere to be around people then be by myself, though here Im finding out that I want my own space more then I have ever wanted my own space…haha Im growing to love them like family though thats for sure! My schedule consist of working at the Cafe Monday through friday, classes are also Monday through friday so by the time I get home its 10:30 at night and I have basically spent the whole day at the Cafe, not to mention having to study through all this.  I wouldnt have it any other way though Im learning so much, I feel like Im a baby taking my first steps. When I say baby its because things I though I knew I didnt know, and now Im being stretched and molded into my faith. Which is so important to know what you believe, and to not be afraid to ask questions about your disbeliefe, were human and our minds will never be able to fully wrap around the wonders of our God. But putting Him in a box will get us no where, we need to be real with God and say show me your character! Thats a whole blog in itself though.

So the day to day exciting and not so exciting things that are happening. Well we have rats, yes rats that live with us!!! They are no normal rats though, there the most sneakiest smart rats I have ever seen!!! They steal our spunges (for washing the dishes) toilet paper, food, and somehow we can never catch them. They are way to smart to fall for the traps. And not to mention I sleep on the top bunk and have a fear every night that one is going to land on my face. I have Rachelle to thank for that she couldnt help but to tell me she saw one right above my head one morning. Anyways enough with that on to the exciting parts. Well this weekend we went camping right near the sea, I love camping!!! We had so much fun…I ended up fishing all night and catching me a nice size Grunt, Rachelle and I are going to have some good dinner tonight! =)

I have to get going to church…but I hope to write another blog in the next couple of days so keep checking up!!! I miss and love you all!!! God Bless



Posted by: Naomi | October 7, 2009

Another day in Paradise

So far this week has been really good. First classes started on monday, and went really well so thank you for your prayers. This week we are just going by ear since Mr John and Becky are not here. If your wondering Becky is one of my roommates and Mr. John is the pastor/teacher/director of camp. Mr John is in California for pastors conference and Becky is in Canada with her family, She will be home this coming Monday. Im really excited to meet her, and also for Mr. John to come home since I only spent like a night at dinner with him before he left. But soon the family will be complete. Today we mainly focused on the Cafe. Which will be up and running soon! Let me just elaborate on the cafe just a little bit because Im super excited for what is to come. We have been discussing ideas all day and tonight at dinner. Here are some plans that are going to be happening. First this is a place where we are mainly forcused around the college age group, so it will be a fun hip place to be. Second this is going to be huge way to reach the community. Third every person we serve or come into contact with we will be asking if there is any pray request or specifics they would like us to pray for them right then and there. Also a plain white wall is available for everyone to write prayer request and praises throughout the whole wall.  And the last is my favorite above the sink there will be a big sign saying “MUST DANCE  WHEN WASHING DISHES” ….haha…love that!!! Ok now I need everyone to pray for this please, a lot of money goes into the cafe when first opening. Right now we dont have all the finances and were depending on God to provide, which we know He will but prayer is the start of that so please…please…please…pray…pray…pray!!! Also if you want to help support this financially just send it to Machaca Discipleship Training Center, 26856 Adams Ave., Ste 100, Murrieta, CA 92562.  Thank you so much you guys for your prayer and support through all of this. 

Now here are a few other things I want to tell you about. About the third day of being here I noticed that my feet and legs were abnormally big…haha…I was a little worried so I asked Mrs. lisa what I should do and she explained to me that its normal and that it will go down. But in like two weeks!!! Seriously that is way to long!!! I officially have kankles with fat roles!!!  Rachelle told me they look like her grandmas feet….lol.But my feet are not the only thing I feel is swollen, I feel swollen everywhere!!! And maybe Im over exaggerating just a little bit…actually not really. Today  I pressed my finger into my skin and  the indent stayed for like five minuets. I guess its just a adapting experience, but I feel like a freak!!! So please pray that my body goes back to normal! 

I wanted to write more but its 11 o-clock and I still have homework plus getting up at 7 am for another fun exciting day. 

Ps. Today I deathly murdered a tarantula!!! Hopefully pics will be up soon so you can see the full effect.

Posted by: Naomi | October 3, 2009

This weekend we had MMT training. Its purpose is to raise leaders and counselors for Machaca’s camps in the summer. There are about 20 boys and 4 girls, the girls are the hardest to reach. The parents have no trust for the girls to leave the house because so many of them end up getting pregnant. Also its very hard for them to open up to you, my goal last-night was to at least get to know them just a little bit. I ended up hanging out with them on the bed before bedtime talking about likes and dislikes and comparisons between Belize and America. It was a huge blessing especially after everyone said not to get discouraged if they don’t talk to you at all. I was able to get to know them, and as time goes on I pray that I will be able to be very close with them. 

These last few days have been hard. Especially with the weather, Im starting to realize how much I took for granted in Utah. Here as soon as you get out of the shower you feel like you need to take one again, i probably take 3 showers a day with a change of clothes every time. And with the weather being so hot I have to drink a ton of water, something i have been slacking on a lot which is a result of migraines. Today I had the worst migraine , I ended up leaving the group and going home to lay down, it was so bad I started throwing up!!! Im feeling a little better lets just pray that doesnt happen again because that sucked. But ya thats about it, I still dont feel very well or I would write some more. Pray for monday though classes start. Thanks for your prayers, you will be in mine!!! God Bless =)

Posted by: Naomi | September 30, 2009

Reaching My Destination

I just want to start out by saying God is so good!!! Through preperation and now my arrival, I have been so securely tucked in my Saviors hands. This trip has been an adventure. It all started monday night I arrived at Rachelle’s house before the big day, we ending up only getting an hour at the most of sleep. We are so dumb sometimes but it was like christmas eve, we couldn’t wait or sleep. It was a process of checking our stuff over and over making sure we didn’t forget anything important. So were now arriving at the airport…late as usual haha. Were in the biggest rush and of course everything is going slow, Rachelle and I ended up having to get our bags checked more then once. I totally forgot that I packed a lot of my liquids in my carry ons. That was such a bad idea and waste they ended up throwing all my shampoo and conditioner away, along with my 3 year supply of gel…haha!!! SO PLEASE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND ME SOME!!!! Our first stop was Denver, everything went awesome, oh and did I mention we weren’t charged for one single bag…thank you jesus!!! Next stop Houston, ok so that airport is definitely as big as everyone said it was. The Lord directed us exactly where to go and blessed us with a free cart to carry our baggage. That was such a big deal we had to travel across the whole airport and our baggage’s were killing us after only a few feet. After grabbing some grub we headed to our next terminal which brings me to my next story. Five minuets of being there we noticed a cultural difference big time, everyone spoke spanish. So not only did we have a hard time understanding anyone we also couldn’t understand some of there behaviors…like this woman in the bathroom that proceeded to take her shirt off in front of my very eyes, not having a care in the world!!! lol Our destiny awaits us, from Houston to Belize was only two hours and at this pointe were like dragging from being so tired!!! But were here and its even better then i imagined, besides the heat and the humidity. It was really cool though everyone at the airport was asking us if we were going to see John, and to tell them they say hi. As we walk out and wait for Pastor Joel there is this Huge lettering on a building that says Jesus is Lord…Wow Im home, never in the united states would it ever say that. About 30 min later comes Pastor Joel, running on Belizean time…haha jk. As were headed to his house Im noticing that there is no speed limit and its perfectly fine to go 85 on a two lane road…this is what Im talking about!!!! =) Well tomorrow we head to the jungle at 12, and just found out its 6 an a half hour bus ride!!! So keep us in your prayers, and you are in our. God Bless =)

Posted by: Naomi | September 14, 2009


Increase our faith so we may see
What you’re doing in our lives
And all that we’ll accomplish in you
So our faith begins to rise

We need to be reminded Lord
Of the small mustard seed
And how the same amount of faith
Moves mountains if we believe

As we walk in pure obedience
With confidence in you
Our faith begins to grow and flourish
Bearing more abundant fruit

We must go beyond the limits
Of our comfort zones
Our faith is activated at those times
When we walk into the unknown

For it’s when the safety net is gone
We realize we need our Lord
When there’s nothing left to fall back on
We must lean on God much more

And faith is released in our hearts
As we bend our knee to pray
We shall be strengthened as we walk
And commit to Him each day

© By M.S.Lowndes

Everyday the Lord tests my faith, and its not easy one bit! In my mind I cant comprehend the full aspects of God. I know I will never reach that point until I meet Him face to face, but through my relationship I get to know Him more and more. In His word the facts are laid before me, the facts of His faithfulness.To whatever is said to me through His word will never change, It will never CHANGE!!! You hear that…People will let us down, but the Lord stands firm on what He promises us! In Jeremiah 29:11 the Lord tells us “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to proper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  As I begin to meditate on the promises the Lord has for me, promises to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future, my trust and faith is strengthened. See with only having a month in a half to prepare for a year in Belize seems impossible. Getting eight thousand dollars in that short of a time seems impossible! There are so many things that may seem impossible, but everything is possible through our Lord Jesus!!! So I just want to give the Lord praise for His miraculous work, I have raised 3,647 dollars in a month. I have only two weeks left and still need to raise 4,353 dollars. Where God guides God provides, and I stand firm on this! Lord I put my trust in you, and I lift my every need to you Father for you know exactly what they are. I put my life in your hands and i pray that your will will be done, and that I can be an open vessel for Your purpose here on earth. Amen

Posted by: Naomi | September 11, 2009


The time is coming so quick, 19 more days and Im living in another country for a year. Im starting to get more nervous every day, and not until the other day when seeing a friend off at the airport did it really hit me. Im leaving everyone I love behind except for Rachelle of course, but its really beginning to stir up my emotions. I have been so blessed with every single person that God has put into my life, I love them all so much and am going to miss them greatly! Its really starting to sink in and I cant help but to shed tears about it, I wish that I could bring everyone with me. My heart especially breaks with the thought of leaving my job, I would have never thought that it would be this way.. but it does immensely  I love everyone there so much!!! Im really going to miss that place and especially everything that God is doing there.. its been a privilege to be apart of Gods purpose in that place. I will be praying for every single person there, and I pray that they see the love that Jesus has shed for every single one of them personally. Im going to miss my family so much also, the fact that I barley get to see them as is just kills me. More then anything I just want my family to know that I love them so much!!! Times that I may feel like Im not supported by them God is quick to show me that I am. Like today my mom came to give me a little note that was just to tell me she loves me and cares about me, I love that!!!  Im very  blessed as you can see and I cant wait to come back and be able to share what the Lord has done in my life. Im going to be changed but i know that everyone else will be also. That is something I look forward too.

Posted by: Naomi | September 7, 2009

Bake Sale

bakeHere are some pictures from our bake sale, God has blessed us abundantly. So far we have had four bake sales, and on average have brought in about $320 each sale, Praise God!!!! This is Rachelle in this picture, she is my best friend going to Belize with me. Thank you to everyone that has helped in the bake sales, you have been a great blessing!!! 6575_1191007647928_1010476470_30619415_747841_n

Posted by: Naomi | September 1, 2009

Dear friends and family,

I would like to share with you the exciting opportunity that I have been given. I am going to Belize for a one year internship, and will be leaving at the end of September to join an organization called Machaca. This organization has so much to offer such as bible college, missionary training, and community outreaches along with short term mission trips. Through this discipleship training I will learn discipline, and be strengthened deeply in my faith. I couldn’t ask for more but to come back dramatically changed.

It says in Luke 10:2 And He was saying to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. It is my heart to be able to share Jesus Christ with those who have never heard or those who have never been able to have the opportunity to know him personally. For those of you who don’t know I committed my life to Jesus Christ three years ago, He is now my Lord and Savior who I have a personal relationship with. My life has never been the same, and my goal is to be used in such a mighty way that everyone I come in contact with can experience His amazing peace, love and joy.

I’m so excited to see what God has for me, it is not going to be easy it’s actually going to be very disciplined but that is something that I need right now in my life. My goal in going to Belize is to make God my number one which means dying to myself, picking up my cross and following Him. I want to truly change and come back completely different, and be prepared to live out my life as a missionary and serve those around me.

I cant wait for the opportunity and experience that lies ahead. I hope you see the value in what this could accomplish. As you can imagine, a trip like this requires financial support from a number of people. In order to go on this mission I need to raise $8,900 for the year by the end of September. If you can support me in a financial way, such as a one time gift or a monthly commitment, I would be very grateful. And, most importantly, I also need your prayer support. Prayer is the fuel that will allow me to be successful as I follow God’s leading in the ministry in Belize.

If you would like to be part of this mission through your financial support, send a check to: Calvary Chapel, 460 W Century Drive, Salt Lake City Utah, 84123. Please write the check out to Calvary Chapel and in the for space put Naomi Sherman.

Thank you so much for prayerfully considering being apart of my journey to Belize. May God Bless you for your time and support.

Sincerely, Naomi Sherman

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